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Precious Metal Clay

I use a number of techniques to produce my artwork. My favorite right now is Precious Metal Clay.

Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is a clay that is embedded with millions of microns of fine silver. I create each piece by incorporating a bit of the natural world and other found objects. I press these objects into the clay, creating my desired image. Once the piece is completed, it is dried and placed in a kiln for an extended period of time. During the firing process the clay dissipates and I am left with my creation in fine silver. The piece is then finished in different techniques for the desired effect.

It is exciting to be a pioneer in this new jewelry making technique and to be able to use so many textures both organic and otherwise in my work. Please feel free to call with questions about PMC as well as my other creations.

Sterling Silver Piercing

Starting with a template of my image, I trace it onto a sheet of sterling silver, and saw it with a very fine jeweler's saw blade. Once sawed out, the piece is then filed to smooth the edges, and then polished to a mirror finish on a high speed polishing wheel with a polishing compound.

Dog earring in textured sterling silver

To add textures to my piece, I may choose to use a planishing hammer, leaving a nice hammered look to the silver.

Another texture I often apply to my holiday ornaments is a ground finish. Using a very small hand held grinding wheel, I gently touch it down to the silver where it leaves an immediate sparkling finish.

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